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How to Spot A Fake Jacquemues Bag?

How to Spot A Fake Jacquemues Bag? 

One of the viral bags among the tiny bag was the Jacquemues Bag made by the most high-profile designer Simon Porte Jacquemues. He realised that values of ratio varied substantially on the internet and real life. He designed a micro-version of his Le Chiquito bag, which was about the size of a Christmas bulb. It became No 3’s hottest female brand, according to the Lyst ranking. It was a useless tiny bag but somehow people love it.

Since it was so viral on the internet, people are starting to make some investment in the Jacquemues Bag.

They are willingly to spare some cash after the holidays and treat themselves with the tiny Jacquemues Bag. And if you are a frequent bag shopper, you’d know that a good bargain of designer bags only exists through online discounters, or buy them on the secondary market, online or at consignment shops. Although, that could cause some problems for us, because we can’t be sure that it’s the real thing.

Well lucky for you, Natalie Wyll and Alexa Ridolfi, the sisters who founded the Upper East Side store. They are sharing some pro tips for us to spot a fake Jacquemues Bag.

Pro tips to spot a fake Jacquemues Bag

  • Material: Jacquemues Le Chiquito Bag is made by a micro bag in calf leather, includes a leather thin shoulder strap. So, the thin shoulder strap is supposed to be leather, then it should feel dry not oily, slippery or sticky. The calf leather should be heavy and not hollow. One thing for sure that the designer’s name Jacquemues is imprinted on the right below side of the bag, so make sure it’s designed to be.

  • Workmanship: Stitching should be perfectly even at the end of a seam, without back-and-forth stitching or loose threads. That’s a sloppy construction sign. The real Le Chiquito Bag has a top handle shape and comes with a removable and adjustable strap. A designer like Jacquemues, which values his name as a logo, wouldn’t segregate his name in a seam. As well as where the pattern appears on both sides of the seam, it will exactly match.

  • Lining: Counterfeiters scarcely get a good view inside a bag. Usually, they use images that appear to degrade color. So, if you have gone to a Jacquemues boutique and seen the real color in person, you instantly have a benefit. It should be exactly the identical color as the real thing and not a close approximation.

  • Size: Here too, it’s easy for counterfeiters who are working off photographs, rather than copying the real thing, to get it wrong. The genuine Le Chiquito bag was not much bigger than a notebook with dimensions of 9 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm, $510, as carried by Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. It’s large enough to hold enough cash / cards, a small set of keys, and a small item like a lipstick or mascara.

  • Color: Since its launch in 2018, it has been launched in a wide variety of colors. It is available in classic blacks and whites to popping shades such as blue, pink, red, orange, purple and yellow.

  • Place of manufacture: As the designer of Jacquemues is a French fashion designer then Le Chiquito is for sure made in France and not in Spain.

  • Misspellings: This rarely happens, but you have to check the spelling of the Jaquemues bag thorough because you may not realize that the “c” letter of the brand is missing from this sentence.

Based on four of these criteria, hopefully you can now truly purchase the real Jacqueumes Bag. And if you still feel doubt about the authenticity of your Jacquemues Bag, you can buy it from the trusted Jacquemues bag retailers list below.

Where to buy the Genuine Le Chiquito Bag?

If you really wanted to buy a genuine Jacquemus Bags, then you should consider buying it from the Jaquemues Bag Authorized Resellers. The Jacquemues Le Chiquito bag is exclusively available from Jacquemus official website or one of the authorized resellers:




Matches Fashion

Moda Operandi

Pro Tips: You should act fast by activating notification to your email newsletter once new versions are released or it is restocked, as it tends to be sold out really quick.


Jacquemues Le Chiquito bag has become a massive object on the internet, and there’s a knowingness in how they are used in public. Their success has something to do with the psychology of enjoying small things. Despite the functionality, tiny bags are kind of like puppies or kitten, they’re just extraordinary cute. Apparently, there so many fake Jacquemues bags sold on the internet. Therefore, before you decide to make an investment in Jacquemues bags, you should consider following some of the professional tips above in order to spot a fake Jacquemues Bag.

Now, are you ready make an investment in Jacquemues Bag?

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