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The Handbags That Will Characterize Fashions In 2020

The Handbags That Will Characterize Fashions In 2020 

When we move into a new decade, it just seems appropriate to focus on the crucial fashion pieces you need to get through. While we may not yet be able to anticipate the accessories, you’ll be wearing by the end of 2029, but we have a relatively good idea of the handbags expected to pop in 2020–and we’re sure you’ll really like to know about it.

The excitement of the fashion industry for viral-worthy accessories doesn’t slow down anytime soon, so when it comes to the latest and best arm-candy, it pays to be ahead. After a thorough analysis of the runways of Spring 2020, in-depth investigation of market trend surveys, and of course a healthy amount of perusing all our favourite shopping sites, we eventually narrowed down the top five trends of 2020.

Here are 5 stunning handbags that will characterize fashions in 2020:

The Bamboo handles

The bamboo handle, first developed by Gucci in 1947, saw many reevaluations during his existence. Designers integrated more natural elements into their pieces for spring 2020–the bamboo handle is back again. Even though you can see the pattern in everybody’s collections from Prada to Zara, our soul still lies with an initial Gucci version. Whether it’s antique or brand new, it certainly gives you the velocity you like.

Multi-compartment bags

We’ve always seen some of this trend start creeping through towards the end of 2019, and there’s never been a doubt that it’s getting more prominent in the new year. It is not only a multi-bag adorable to carry and amazingly on-trend, but it’s also fully functional and practical, ensuring you can take all your stuff without too much extra hassle. Some of our picks include Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories (we suggest contacting a personal stylist to help you investigate this one) and Suzy Bag from Staud.

Puffy pouches

No shocks, the Bottega Veneta acquisition will still be living and well into 2020.’ The Pouch’ has undeniably become 2019’s handbag of the year, and its chic, streamlined and stylish style will remain supreme. Fortunately, other businesses have followed suit, and now you have far than one way to appreciate the phenomenon. For example, Mansur Gavriel, who experimented with the pouch’s handle with a more severe approach. 

Rope bags

The rope bag is no exception to fashion success, and it’s probably not surprising it’s called the year’s’ it’ accessory. The nautical-inspired details make it a daily favourite during the summertime, combined with a flowy maxi dress or white pants and flip flops; this timeless necklace is always a winner. We love these more abstract prototypes for 2020, including D’Estrëe’s Keith Top Handle Leather sheath and Ulla Johnson’s Asli Beaded Acrylic Tote.

Larger-than-life totes

After many years dominating possession of accessories, it’s time to part ways to your mini pack. Big totes are larger (literally) than ever before. Going viral at the beginning of the month, a New Yorker was seen walking through the subway’s train barriers with a neon-yellow opening ceremony tote we’re sure could fit a small child in it. Even Jacquemus bag, who invented the micro-handbag trend with their “Le Chiquito” minis, unveiled an Xtra-large tote at their Spring 2020 exhibit. You know what they’re doing, either go big or go home.


Some of these handbags were already becoming hit throughout the years and still going just fine in 2020. In essence, before you started to decide to buy one of the upcoming trends of handbags, you might need to get some advice from a personal shopper. Nevertheless, you can do your own research just by scrolling on your favourite Celebgram feeds.

What do you think about 2020 handbags trends? Share your thought on a comment down below.

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